Make Money From Home

Make Money from your iPhone

Are you looking for extra cash, earn part time or earning money that fits around your day job …..with your mobile phone?

Welcome to Stockimo, an online app that allows you to uploads pictures from your phone to Stockimo which is bought to you by the worlds largest and best known stock photo agency – Alamy.

How it works, download the Stockimo app, you will need to set up an account with them first which is nice and easy.

But one thing to consider, you will need a phone that is compatible with the Iphone IOS 7 and above so basically you need at least an Iphone 4 or newer and you be okay. (no Android version yet).

Send your pictures over and they will sell them on your behalf and in return you will receive commission.

Types of images that Stockimo want – cool images with inspiration and innovation, what you take is up to you, let it be creative and adventurous as you like.

Earn cash from your Iphone

You can even submit breaking news shots taken in the last 24 hours by opting in to Stockimonews. Please remember they do not want anything illegal or offensive.

When you upload your pictures, they will be rated by a team of people who will rate your picture out of 4, photos are accepted if their average rating is above 2.

If your photos are excepted, they will go on sale straight away but if one of your photos are rejected, don’t be disheartened, try again.

Stockimonews shots are accepted or rejected by the live news team.

Once your pictures are excepted and put up for sale, they can sell over and over again unless someone pays enough to stop overs buying it. If your picture sells you can make 20% of every sale you make so on average a picture sells for £30.00, you would bank £6.

you are paid at the end of each month through PayPal but to qualify for a payment, your pictures must have earned at least £7 or more.

Get Stockimo App now and earn that cash…

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