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Music for Free on your iPhone!

Yes this is true but how?

Maybe you are already paying for your music via downloading at a cost which can work out an expensive game especially when downloading albums. Or it could be that you like to play your music from your device through your loud speakers in the car.

And you don’t even need any internet connection once the music is on your device!

Well their is a cheeky free way of doing this and I am going to show you how!

Firstly go to your settings, at the very top you will see a search bar, type customize controls.

Look for screen recording and press on the green add which will move Screen Recording to the top menu.

Once set up, the above does not need to be repeated as it is ready for next time.

Come out of settings, then look for your favourite tune, when it comes up you will see the play button but just before you do that, you scroll up and at the button you have a circle button,

Press on the circle button, it will do a count down of three, two, one , scroll down this page then press play to start the song.

Keep it recording until the song ends, them you quickly scroll up to press the circle button, this is to stop recording.

You will see a notification to say , Screen Recording Save to Photos.

So the track has now been saved to photos, check this to make sure then you can make an album in photos which will group all of your tracks together.

That’s it, its music to your ears and did not cost you a single penny!!

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