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Brand New Car! Cheaper than a used one!

One of life’s necessities is getting from A to B, some of us are not worried how we get their but most of us, well lets say its all about looking good while driving our set of wheel.

I for one have had used cars, paying hefty garage bills, MOTS, tax plus insurance as I thought of no other option.

If anyone mentioned to me the word ‘Leasing’ I would think company car from a job as that was how it was years ago.

But now a lot of things of changed, the neighbours young daughter, the old gentlemen across the road, even the Vicar is driving a brand new motor!

Okay so this sounds good but what are the benefits,

Warranty – You are covered – Full manufactures warranty usually comes with a three years as standard, so NO expensive bills to worry about.

Road Tax – Comes as standard, no cost there too which is normally every six or twelve months.

No more MOT’s – New cars up to three years old don’t need no MOT for the first three years of its life.

New Tyres – New car comes with all brand new tyres so you wont need to replace the rubber for quire a while or in fact maybe never!

Best of all, A brand new car with that lovely new car smell.

How does Car Leasing work?

First of all, you need to decide if you are a Personal or a Business type customer, the difference is if you are a business customer you have to add the VAT but as a personal customer, the VAT is usually already included in the price.

Mileage – With Leasing, you need to set your milege limit, you can go over but you could be charged for going over so its best to over allow.

Deposit – this can be anything from 1 month, 3 months, 6 and 9 months, obviously the more months deposit, the less the monthly cost will be.

Term – You can choose from 12 months to 60 months, usually the longer can be cheaper however its worth checking as some leasing companies can do deals for 24 months.

At the End of the Term, you simply be contacted by the Lease company who arrange to collect the vehicle and providing it is in good condition that’s it.

Just make sure your next new car arrives in time before the other one gets collected!.

With much research, I have recommended Leasing company as they have great reviews from previous customers and they have some cracking deals,

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