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The 605 Challenge!

How do you fancy having an extra £605 in a years time all in cash, well yeah but how!

There are many saving methods out that but some end up getting forgotten after a while all we loose interest and end up not saving at all.

Well I have come up with a simple idea that is designed to last and you will caring on with, Welcome to The 605 Chellenge!.

Here’s how it works,

Save £1 every day – okay I know what you are thinking ” I might not have a pound on me every day”. Okay that’s fine you can do it in any shape or form weather is putting in £7 pound a week (once a week)

Then here’s the next bit, at the last day or the first day of the month or on pay day you add £20.00 to the plan so this will work out that you will do this twelve times, Congratulations you will then have an extra £605.00

Getting Serious!

Now if you are very serious about this, imagion you had an extra £1560.00 in twelve months time!

It works like this, £20.00 per week and £50.00 each month on top, £1560 is not a bad number to end up with, pays for a holiday or a very nice Christmas.

For Mortgage Savers

This one takes some serious attention but lets face it, if it helps you on the property ladder, its win win win…

Here we go, take a deep breath …. you might find this works to do this in a couple unless you have excess cash each month.

Put £50.00 a week by then £200.00 each month on top, you will have a whooping £4800.00 that’s nearly five grand in a years time.

Do that for fours years, you have almost twenty grand deposit for your new home.

Happy Saving…

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