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Starting an Online Store

One thing we can all agree on is Online Shopping is big business so starting an online shop might well prove to be a very lucrative choice.

There are many advantages to start an online business such as very low overheads, no premises, no staff (unless you get bigger and bigger) The other massive advantage is unlike a high street shop your audience is GLOBAL!!

On the customer advantage is, order from their armchair, dont have to wait in queues and they can shop at anytime, 24 – seven.

With the Ecommerce in the UK grew to be worth 178 billion in 2018, no wonder why its exciting times to get a slice of the action.

So below I have done research to help on the right road to your exciting online venture.

1, Sign Up with Shopify

Visit and sign up for an account and enter your details to get started. One of the great attractions to Shopify is that you can start off with a free trial.

2, Setting Up Your Online Store

You will be asked a few questions like what you want your store name to be called and if you already have products to sell etc.

Once you have filled out the form you’ll be directed to your store admin page where now you can start customising your new store, uploading products and set up payments and shipping.

3, Choose a ”Theme” or a ”Layout”

When deciding how you like your store to look, I recommend Shopify’s official theme store. These themes are backed up with guaranteed to have full support from the designers so you know that you are not alone. Go to

When you have seen a theme or a design that you like, check out the functionality and reviews, you cab even click View Demo to see what it is like.

Like the theme

Once you have found the theme that you like, click the green button but don’t worry if your 100% you can change your mind later on.

Most of the themes have the most common features

  • Colour schemes
  • Font choices
  • Uploading logos
  • Uploading slides to a homepage carousel
  • Choosing how many items to appear on each page

4, Adding Products to Your Store

Exciting part is now filling your store, this is what you do next,

Select Products which is on the menu on the left, you will then see a ‘Add a product’ button in the top right corner. Use the following screen to as much detail as you can for your products, remember this will help your SEO such as product name, description and URL. The more the better.

Set up collections – Group your products

To help simplify how your store looks, set up a collection of your products, for example if you are selling bikes then put all the bike products together and all the children’s bikes in another collection or certain sizes etc.

Setting up Payment Gateways

You can choose different payment gateways but I recommend at this stage (especially if you are newbie) is to stay with Shopify’s payment gateway but if you decide on a different gateway, always check the fees that you will be charged.

Shopify have very attractive rates

Basic 2.4% + 20p

Professional 2.1% + 20p

Unlimited 1.8% + 20p

(please check this as rates correct at the time of this article)

5, Go Live!

Before you go live, check back on the information you have provided and make sure its correct. Use the Google Analytics feature which can be very helpful when tracking your store visitors.


Make sure that you have put enough information on the weight based products specifications in the shipping rates section.

Overall the reason that I recommend Shopify is that it is easy to use and everything is step by step.

Congratulations, your new Shopify Store is OPEN!!

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