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Trim your outgoings!

One of the essential things in life is keeping your barnet looking good on a regular basis which comes at a cost and a lot of queuing!

Like me, I don’t have enough time to sit and wait for an hour waiting to have my turn to get into the big chair. Also think of how much it costs to have it done, possibly fuel and car-park pay and display.

Lets say if yo are male, you have 7 haircuts per year (UK average) costing you £15.00 each time that’s £105.00 per year plus if there is any other expenses in a average adult lifetime that works out £6300.00! wow that is rather a lot of money where you can save all this cash and save.

For the Lady, the average cost just for a trim without hair colour is £40.00, 7 of these in one year would come to £280.00! that works out at a whooping £19,600 in an average ladies life time. That’s almost twenty grand! Ouch!!

So avoid the queue, save time save money and buy your own clippers, I bought mine few years ago for about £14.00 which are about the same these days, here I have recommended a set here.

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